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BDC agri's new sister company - AgriFeed UK

Agrosom Ltd, founded in 2009 by Greg Dunn as a wholly owned subsidiary of the German company Agrosom GmbH, has been bought out by Greg and Juliet Dunn. The company relaunched as AgriFeed UK on 1 July 2020.

AgriFeed UK will continue to supply animal feed ingredients to the UK animal feed industry, specialising in concentrated protein and energy ingredients used in young animal diets for all farm species.

AgriFeed UK’s current product portfolio includes:

  • PIDOLin PCa  In egg production, PIDOLin PCa improves eggshell strength, increases collectable eggs by 2%, reduce downgraded eggs by 20-50% and increases laying period. In poultry, PIDOLin PCa slows decrease of eggshell quality in late lay and improves bone and muscle composition in rear. 

  • Lecithin non-GMO and Lecithin GMO powder An emulsifier improving the homogenous distribution of liquid fats and oils in animal feed.​

  • Dextrose 


  • Zinc Oxide

  • Potato and pea protein concentrates

  • Full fat dehulled soya meal

  • Extruded linseed products

AgriFeed logo RGB hi res.jpg