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    © 2018  Black Diamond Commodities Ltd.

    BDC agri is a trading name of Black Diamond Commodities Ltd, UK Registered Company No 06821585,



    The UK company Agrosom Ltd supplies Agrosom GmbH's high-value ingredients into UK animal feed premix manufacture.


    Products include:

    • PIDOLin PCa  In egg production, PIDOLin PCa improves eggshell strength, increases collectable eggs by 2%, reduce downgraded eggs by 20-50% and increases laying period. In poultry, PIDOLin PCa slows decrease of eggshell quality in late lay and improves bone and muscle composition in rear. 

    • BUTYLin 54  A triple buffered butyric acid producing a significant improvement in feed intake, feed conversion and growth. It promotes enzyme production in the stomach and the small intestine and has a positive effect in pigs and poultry for acidification, digestion, microbiology and gut health. 

      • BUTYLin 54 product specification

    • AgroFerm A natural fibre product with optimally digestible fermentable fibre and rapeseed amino acids, encouraging peristaltic action and feed consumption, and promoting enteric health and immunity.

    • Dextrose 


    • Zinc Oxide