BDC agri is the UK distributor of Herbin Biocholine powder – a completely natural feed supplement made by Indian Herbs Specialities Pvt Ltd.

Choline is essential in maintaining health and promoting growth, and also helps to control fatty liver syndrome. 

Herbin BioCholine provides highly bioavailable and bioactive natural Phosphatidyl Choline to maintain health and production. It optimises the mobilisation of hepatic fat and transport of lipids from liver to adipose tissue, assisting prevention of fatty liver syndrome.

Suitable for ruminants, pigs and poultry, Herbin BioCholine powder is 100% natural and organic, and contains no substances hazardous to health. It is non-toxic, non-irritant and entirely eco-friendly.

In egg production it improves hatchability and reduces mortality. It also improves utilisation of a high energy diet, together with better FCR and growth.

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Advantages of BioCholine over synthetic Choline:

  • Same or better results at lower inclusion costs – better margin for premixer/feed manufacturer/farm.

  • Non-hygroscopic, so no damage to other vitamins/minerals.

  • Direct action – no intermediate steps – supplies Phosphatidyl Choline, phospholipids and PUFAs.

  • Does not produce toxic TMA.

  • Non-corrosive, so does not cause damage to premix/feed mill equipments.

  • Reduces logistics costs: 2-4 times lower inclusion rate, therefore lower transport and storage costs.

For a sample, please speak to Greg Dunn on 07801 308054 or 01206 381521.

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