With the Avian Flu Housing Order now in place in England, Scotland and Wales, free-range poultry need new sources of stimulation to keep them happy and maintain healthy activity. PICKBLOCK® is a highly compressed cereal-based pecking block, that encourages poultry to express their natural behaviour, reducing feather-pecking and other stress-related problems.

PICKBLOCK® is produced by a specialised press in Germany by Crystalyx, the premier feed block manufacturer, based in Silloth, UK. With daily intakes of less than 3g per day, it is not part of the feeding programme, but does provide the following benefits:


  • Ensures optimal and sustainable activity for poultry

  • Encourages natural behaviour, allowing searching and scratching

  • Promotes mobility and activity

  • Supplies additional valuable minerals to birds

  • Supports natural wear of the beak and helps reduce feather-pecking


There are three different blocks in the PICKBLOCK® range:


  • PICKBLOCK MEDIUM – slightly softer, suitable for broilers

  • PICKBLOCK LONGLIFE – suitable for layers and turkeys

  • PICKBLOCK ORGANIC – certified for organic poultry systems

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