PICKBLOCK LONGLIFE is an activity material for poultry in rear, laying hens and turkeys. The hardness of the PICKBLOCK LONGLIFE is adapted to and intensity of poultry in rear, laying hens and turkeys.


Ingredients: Crude protein 5.4%; Lysine 0.2%; Crude fibre 2.30%; Methionine 0.1%; Crude fat 1.5%; Calcium 11.5%; Crude ash 30.80%; Phosphorus 0.20%; Sodium 0.03%


Composition: Rye, calcium carbonate (limestone and mussel meal), dextrose, maize, wheat, oat bran,
wheat gluten, molasses, alfalfa.


  • Ensures an optimal, sustainable activity for poultry
  • Enables natural behaviour during feed intake and search
  • Promotes mobility and activity
  • Supplies additional valuable minerals
  • Supports the natural wear of the beak and helps reduce feather-pecking


Recommended feeding
Poultry in rear and laying hens: 1 block per 600-1,000 birds.

Turkeys: 1 block per 400 m² of shed area.
Use in scratching area or shed. The feed intake is up to 2g per bird per day. Due to the natural components, PICKBLOCK LONGLIFE should be protected from moisture by offering it on a waterproof base rather than placing it directly on the ground.

1 block = 5 kg. Ssupplied as 20kg cardboard carton containing four 5kg pickblocks.