PICKBLOCK MEDIUM is an activity material for poultry. The hardness of PICKBLOCK MEDIUM is adapted to a slightly lower pecking frequency and intensity and is therefore particularly suitable for broilers.


Ingredients: Crude protein 5.4%; Lysine 0.2%; Crude fibre 2.3%; Methionine 0.1%; Crude fat 1.5%; Calcium 11.5%; Crude ash 30.8%; Phosphorus 0.2%; Sodium 0.03%.


Composition: Rye, calcium carbonate (limestone and mussel meal), dextrose, maize, wheat, oat bran, wheat gluten, molasses, alfalfaBenefits:


  • Ensures an optimal, sustainable activity for poultry
  • Enables natural behaviour during feed intake and search
  • Promotes mobility and activity
  • Supplies additional valuable minerals
  • Supports the natural wear of the beak and helps reduce feather-pecking


Recommended feeding 

For broilers: 1 block per 150m² of shed area. The feed intake is up to 3g per bird per day. Due to the natural components, PICKBLOCK MEDIUM should be protected from moisture by offering it on a waterproof base rather tha placing it directly on the ground.

1 block = 5 kg. Supplied as 20kg cardboard carton containing four 5kg pickblocks

PICKBLOCK MEDIUM 4 x 5kg blocks