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"The go-to company for speciality animal feed ingredients in the UK"

BDC agri is the trading name of Black Diamond Commodities Ltd, a UK broking and trading company supplying speciality ingredients and raw materials for animal feed, bioprotection products for livestock, and milk replacers for young animals.

We work with trading partners from across the EU, representing and selling their products into the UK and other markets. In the UK, we have excellent contacts within the farming and veterinary communities, as well as with
feed-mills and agricultural wholesalers.

We are constantly adding to our portfolio of products and are always interested in developing new trading and broking partnerships. Contact us to find out how BDC agri can help you market your products in the UK.

Announcement: Agrifeed UK

As of 2024, all products and commodities formerly supplied by Agrifeed UK are now available from BDC agri.
Please see the tabs above for information on PIDOLin PCa and Commodities

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A new range of complementary feed products for the dairy industry,
available in the UK exclusively from BDC Agri


pHix-up® is a fast acting and persistent buffering, helping reduce heat stress and lameness. It provides powerful, swift and sustainable action on rumen pH, naturally supporting performance in ruminants.

Greg was invited to demonstrate the fast-acting buffering capacity of pHix-up® at a dairy farm for
The Real Country File:

Here's a short video demonstrating the relative pH between pHix-up® and sodium bicarbonate:



  • acts faster on rumen pH

  • persists for longer

  • is proven to increase milk yield and fat content

  • improves hoof health

  • improves fertility

  • costs less than half the daily cost of sodium bicarbonate


pHix-up® is formulated from three sources of magnesium oxide, blended together in a very fine powder that has maximum surface area for bioavailability. Only 70g of pHix-up® is required in the diet daily, compared with a minimum of 250g of sodium bicarbonate. pHix-up® is now being fed to over 300,000 cows worldwide

For a longer version of the video, and for further information, please visit our pHix-up® page. 

KETONITE is a liquid feed supplement for dairy cows at the beginning of lactation, providing glucose
and calcium to help limit the risks of ketosis and hypocalcaemia.
KETONITE also contains inactivated yeasts rich in proteins and B-group vitamins to provide substrate for
the rumen flora.
Find out more here

CLOST-RID is a new, highly cost-effective prevention for bowel disorders in calves, and a natural alternative to antibiotic treatment. Find out more here.


Also in the news ...

All of the benefits of zinc oxide, none of the problems! 
C4A is the only fully esterified product currently on the market that protects fatty acids through the stomach, is without the smell usually associated with butyrate, and produces higher weight gains at a lower cost than classical antibiotics. More information here.

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