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Black Diamond Commodities Ltd Product Recall Policy


The backbone of a product traceability system is the ability to locate any product, once sold and dispatched, that might present a potentially serious animal health problem, and therefore a food safety issue. This is the reason that batch numbering systems are employed throughout the animal feed process, and the central plank of the HACCP principle.


Milk replacers

The product recall system of Black Diamond Commodities, trading as BDC agri ('BDC agri') is based on the batch numbering method of Lacto Production, the sole producers and suppliers of milk replacers ('MRs') to BDC agri. This traceability system hinges on the correct recording of batch numbers of palletised MRs when they are received into stock by BDC agri.


Therefore, the batch number of each product is recorded before it is stored within the premises of BDC agri, and the location of each pallet within the store is recorded. When a new sales order is raised by BDC agri, the batch number of the goods to be allocated to the delivery is matched to the order, and this information is recorded in the data retrieval system.


In the event of BDC agri being informed of a potential incident that may lead to a product recall situation, usually by the producer of the products (Lacto Production), the batch number of the potentially contaminated goods is entered into the BDC agri data retrieval system, and the customer details and delivery location(s) of the affected batch are retrieved.


The first points of contact are local trading standards department and ACOURA (UFAS certifying body) - contact details below:


Trading Standards


Trading Standards – Essex County Council


Hayley Willis
Specialist Trading Standards Officer 
Trading Standards 

Essex County Council

Tel: 03330 134120





Morag Cunningham
UFAS Scheme Manager

Tel: +44 (0)131 322 6280


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