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Clost-Rid info p 1.jpg
  • Unique product

  • Easy to use

  • Natural preventative treatment for diarrhoea in calves


  • Improves gut health with natural anti-microbials


  • Liquid addition to milk powder mixing

Clost-Rid is a unique product, developed in 2017 in Belgium by a nutritionist in collaboration with a food company with esterification technology. The result is a remarkable molecule that has butyric, capric, caprylic and lauric acids loaded onto a glycerol backbone, using a patented esterification process.

Because the esterification process protects the molecule whilst transitioning the calf’s stomach, it is bioavailable in the hind gut, exactly where it acts on the pathogens causing diarrhoea. It is a cost-effective prevention for bowel disorders in calves, and a natural alternative to antibiotic treatment.

Clost-Rid is available in liquid form, and is designed as a preventive treatment for clostridium, so should be included in calf milk replacer during mixing. The dosage rate is 4ml per calf per day, and the feeding period is from birth to 50 days. Clost-Rid is available in 1 litre plastic bottles with dosage pumps, so 1 litre is sufficient for dosing 5 calves for 50 days.

The cost of treatment is £4 per calf for 50 days, or 8 pence per day.

Also available in 10 litre and 20 litre containers.

Clost-Rid is classified as an animal feed ingredient and is not an additive.

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