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Greg was invited to demonstrate the fast-acting buffering capacity of pHix-up® on
The Real Country File

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Faster - Longer - Cheaper - The best buffer by pHar!

pHix-up® offers fast-acting and persistent buffering,
helping to reduce heat stress and lameness.

The video below shows a simple test comparing the relative pH values of pHix-up®
and sodium bicarbonate:


  • acts faster on rumen pH

  • persists for longer

  • is proven to increase milk yield and fat content

  • improves hoof health

  • improves fertility

  • costs less than half the daily cost of sodium bicarbonate


pHix-up® is formulated from three sources of magnesium oxide, blended together in a very fine powder that has maximum surface area for bioavailability.


Only 70g of pHix-up® is required in the diet daily, compared with a minimum of 250g of sodium bicarbonate.

Introducing the pHix-up® App:

pHix-up® is now being fed to over 300,000 cows worldwide. It’s available from your feed merchant, or for more details, please get in touch with Greg Dunn on 01206 381521.

Guidelines for adapting mineral supplementation during heat stress period:

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PhixUp Heat Stress website 2.png

With pHix-up®, the mineral intake during heat stress is reduced by 40% (215g vs 375g) and the cost per cow per day is reduced by 2 to 3 pence.

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