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Lecithin is the most popular emulsifier used in industrial food preparation, as it allows oil and water to mix in the cooking process. Lecithin is extracted as a liquid from oilseeds such as soya, rapeseed and sunflower during the crushing process, when the oil and protein meal fractions are being separated, and it is harvested from the crude oil before it is refined. It is then further processed into a powder in fine or granular form. Lecithin is used in animal feed where a liquid vegetable oil source is not available, because it is the highest oil bearing feed ingredient available, which is important for energy in animal feed diets.


Certificated GMO-free lecithin is a speciality of BDC agri.

GM lecithin powder is available in 25kg plastic lined cartons and GMO-Free Lecithin is available in 20kg plastic lined cartons.


Also known as glucose, dextrose is used in young animal diets for energy and also good palatability through the weaning process.


BDC agri's dextrose is available in 25kg bags by full 24 tonne truck delivery directly from the processor in Germany.

Zinc Oxide

Used by premix manufacturers to produce prescription antibiotic treatments for bacterial infections in young stock.


Available in 25kg bags, on 1.25 tonne pallets. 25 tonne container deliveries only.

Potato Protein

This expensive high protein (70%) actually starts life as a by-product, as it is the protein-rich juice that is collected in the process of removing starch from potatoes. The liquid is treated with acids and centrifuged until it is a highly concentrated powder. Again, this is used in protein-rich starter feeds for young stock.

Available in 25kg bags and mini bulk 1 tonne tote bags, production from Denmark and Poland. Full 25 tonne truck deliveries only.

For further information about any of the above commodities, please contact Greg Dunn on 07801 308054 or 01206 381521.

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