BDC agri at Dairy-Tech 2020

We enjoyed a busy time on our stand at Dairy-Tech 2020, with our colleagues from Lacto Production, Physan and Clarys.

It was good to catch up with some of our customers for Lacto Production whey and skim milk powders, calf milk replacer and specialised bespoke products.

We were also excited to present two innovative new products - new to our portfolio for 2020:

CLOST-RID, developed in Belgium by Clarys, is a preventive treatment for clostridium in calves. Available in liquid form, it's designed to be included in calf milk replacer during mixing. We're offering a FREE TRIAL of this cost-effective feed ingredient. Visit our CLOST-RID page for further information.

KETONITE, from the French company Physan, is a feed supplement designed for dairy cows in early lactation for the prevention of metabolic disorders such as ketosis and hypocalcaemia.

There was plenty of interest in both products and it was great to meet so many visitors to this vibrant annual dairy show.

(R to L) Greg Dunn of BDC agri, Sylvain Fournier of Lacto Production and Alan Barrow of The Calf Company


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