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Dairy Tech 2024

Taking the BDC agri stand to trade shows is a labour-intensive operation, but always hugely well worth the efforts involved, for the unparalleled opportunities such events afford for meeting customers, prospects and suppliers, face-to-face, under one roof.

This year's BDC agri events calendar kicked off with Dairy Tech at the NAEC at Stoneleigh Park. On the stand with Greg this year were Steve Graffham, Iona Doyle and Sylvain Fournier from Lacto Production.

Dairy Tech is principally aimed at dairy professionals who, regardless of their herd size, recognise the need to keep abreast of the latest industry innovations and products that will help them compete in a rapidly changing industry.

The key speciality products we wanted to showcase to visitors this year were those from our SuperCow range:

•   pHix-up® – Fast acting and persistent buffering, helping reduce heat stress and lameness

•   KETONITE® – Powder and liquid product helping prevent ketosis •   CLOST-RID® – Esterified fatty acids helping reduce diarrhoea in calves

plus, of course, our wide range of Calf Milk Replacer products from Lacto Production. Greg also found an interesting opportunity to discuss the benefits to ruminants of our calcium pidolate product, PIDOLin PCa, with a fellow exhibitor.

Despite Greg completely losing his voice halfway through the day (apologies to all those he had to croak at inaudibly), this year's show was without doubt the busiest and most rewarding Dairy Tech ever for BDC agri. Here's a taste of our very full-on day:

To see Greg's buffering experiment in action, visit our pHix-up® page.

"Thank you to the many visitors who called by the BDC Agri stand at Dairy Tech yesterday. It was our most successful Dairy Tech to date, and we were so busy I didn't get to go round the whole show. I'd like to apologise to our partners and customers I didn't have a chance to visit on their stands (and also to anyone who came to the BDC agri stand after I'd completely lost my voice!). I did however manage to have an interesting discussion about PIDOLin PCa in boluses and fresh cow drinks with our neighbouring exhibitor.
Thanks to Iona Doyle, our stand manager, for her invaluable help and support during the day. Thanks also to our stalwart 'Sales Manager Emeritus', former herdsman Steve Graffham, who continues to support us at Dairy Tech every year. And finally, huge thanks to Sylvain Fournier, CEO of Lacto Production, for making the punishing 11-hour journey to meet with our milk replacer customers, prospects and also our friendly competitors!"

Greg Dunn, 8 February 2024


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